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 3-EN-Using the new integrated block editor in ShopFactory 12
 The biggest new feature in ShopFactory 12 is the new integrated block editor. You can create great looking page content and product descriptions just by dragging content blocks onto
 3-0001-EN-Adding Related products (Cross promotions)
 ShopFactory allows you to link a product to related products/paragraphs, to other pages in your website or to external websites. This can help boost sales by making customer
 3-0002-EN-GDPR compliance: Show "Product Details" in secure Checkout page
 To comply with the GDPR regulations, the product details must be displayed to your buyer during Checkout. 1: All p
 3-0004-EN-Inserting Paragraphs/Products that are linked to a page in the shop or external website
 In ShopFactory, you can add image links constrained by a column-display productloop style. This is commonly used to feature pages and products on a page or add quick links to a category or a
 3-0005-EN-How do I add products using Import Wizard?
 ShopFactory Gold package includes an Import Wizard
 3-0006-EN-How do I add options and choices to a product?
 1.Open shop in SF 2.Click page where you want to add product that have options and choices
 3-0007-EN-From time to time I run out of supply of the products that I sell. As it may take some time to re-stock, I want to take these products off my website is there an easy way to do this?
  A: Yes, you are able to hide products in your shop or simply turn off buying for that product
 3-0008-EN-Product Images: How do I add more images to a product?
 1.Open shop in ShopFactory 2. In the left hand side tree menu, select the page that contains the product you wish t
 3-0009-EN-Products: How do I change the order of products?
 Products are added to the page in the order that they are created. However, you may wish to display the products in a different order such as alphabetically or popularity. You can easily chan
 3-0010-EN-How do I change the Index2 Navigation Style?
 1.Open shop in Shopfactory 2.On the left tree, select Index2
 3-0011-EN-I don't want to view the flash object in a different window. How do I add a flash image into my product that is displayed within the page?
 1.Open shop in Shopfactory 2.Locate the product which you don’t want the flash object to be viewed in differe
 3-0012-EN-What Page details are available in the different versions of SF?
 Page Details - ShopFactory allows you to add pages and sub pages at the click of a button — making creating and maintaining a website structure a breeze. Of course you
 3-0013-EN-How do I use different Font sizes in Headlines and descriptions?
 To be able to have a mixture of font sizes in one Paragraph, Headline or Description, you will need to use&nb
 3-0014-EN-How do I add an image link or text link in a page?
 You can easily insert links within a page description or within a product headline or description - basically in any of the text boxes in your shop. I am going to show 2 examples below -
 3-0016-EN-How do I delete existing links and insert new links in my shop?
 -Open shop in shopfactory -Locate the page where you’ve added the links
 3-0017-EN-How do I change the Page Title of my website that appears at the top of a Browser?
 -Open shop in Shopfactory -In the Left Tree, click on your Home Page then click Edit Page
 3-0018-EN-How do I create an image link in my navigation menu (Index2)?
 To create an image link for each page instead displaying page name in Index 2, please do the steps below: - Open yo
 3-0019-EN-How do I change the Department Page Id?
 -Open shop in shopfactory -On the left tree, select the page/department that you want to change the ID then click &
 3-0020-EN-How can I offer products with a price for each cm sold?
  1. In the ShopFactory Editor Double Click on the Product you want to change.
 3-0021-EN-How can I set a minimum purchase quantity per Product?
  I do not want my customers to purchase less than 5 of a certain product, how do I set this up? This is achieved in ShopFactory th
 3-0022-EN-How can I set a Minimum purchase amount for my Shop? Customers have to Purchase more than $20 for example.
 You can setup minimum and maximum Total Order values in Global Settings 1. In ShopFactory, choose Settings => Global Settings Menu from the Toolbar
 3-0023-EN-I imported my products with import wizard the pictures are not displayed?
 Importing Images into Import Wizard.
 3-0024- EN-How can I create pages that are not part of Index 1 or Index 2 navigation menu?
 If you wish to create pages on your website that you do not want to either display in Index 1 or Index 2 i.e. you want to link them from elsewhere, then you can add them under "Unlisted Pa
 3-0025-EN-How can I change the display order of products on a page?
 1. In the Left hand Tree Click on the Page you wish to reorder the Products on  
 3-0026-EN-How do I change the Style of my Options?
 The default style of Options is a drop downbox, however you can change this style to a Text box, text area, check box oroption button.
 3-0027-EN-How do I Import Product with Options?
  Here is a simple example on how to import product with options and choices.
 3-0028-EN-I want to change the type of Option that is imported with Import Wizard
  This example is only available in the Professional version of Import Wizard. The
 3-0029-EN-How Rounding is done in ShopFactory?
 1. Currency Rounding Currency Rounding is
 3-0030-EN-How to completely delete/remove products in my shop?
 3-0031-EN-I upgraded my website from ShopFactory V5 to ShopFactory 8. How do I redirect my existing v5 links in Google to the new v8 pages?
 If you are concerned, you will lose your search engine rankings (SEO) for pages created in ShopFactory 5, then the following solution will help you when upgrading
 3-0032-EN-Why is it that the slideshow images in my primary language are included in the secondary language but they do not appear when viewing the slideshow in secondary language?
 3-0033-EN-Flash Element not showing in Internet Explorer but showing in FireFox browser – why is this?
 3-0034-EN-Inserting Bookmark via insert link
 3-0035-EN-How to enable Specials page in ShopFactory V9?
 3-0036-EN-Cleanup Unused Files On the Server: Deleted product/page still shows up online when searched in Google
 Deleted Products and pages are still displayed when doing Google Search - Cleanup unused files on the server
 3-0037-EN-How do I export existing pages and products from one shop and import these products into another shop?
 CHECKPOINT: The shop language you are exporting products from MUST match the lan
 3-0038-EN- How do I create product templates?
 Product Templates Product Templates allow you to copy values from a template to many products at t
 3-0039-EN- Apply shop-wide discount only to a specific discount code or product brand or manufacturer
 This feature is only available in ShopFactory V10 and above. - This feature only applies to simple
 3-0040-EN- Recommended products ("Customers who bought this product also bought")
 Get more sales by recommending relevant products ShopFactory has "Recommended Products" feature also known as "Customers who bought this product, also bought this..." widge
 3-0041-EN-How to get rid of the empty placeholder i.e. right column linkbox when using Extra website areas tab in ShopFactory?
 Scenario: I was playing around with the “Show more, Show less” and/or the "Extra website areas" tab
 3-0042-EN-Renaming the Description, Specifications, and More Details tabs in the detailed product page
 How to change a detailed page style:
 3-0043-EN-Resolving errors such as: "This page cannot be displayed" HTTP 403 in Normal mode or "error fetching data" or series of js errors
 ShopFactory application runs best with the ShopFactory project file stored on your PC's harddrive.However, the Sho
 3-0044-EN-How do I edit/remove the product image tooltip in my shop?
  The product image tooltip can be edited in the image caption dialog.  
 3-0045-EN-Showing “Other URL” page within the shop window without shop header & navigation menus
 At the left tree menu, double click on that specific page. For example, Page 1 and ensure that you have Other
 3-0046-EN-How to apply “Product code” to an entire page/department or some products using “Product Templates” feature
 - Go to Product Templates - Click Add product toolbar button
 3-0047-EN-How to Map a Network Drive or NAS Drive in Windows?
 You can easily create a shortcut to another drive or folder shared on your network by mapping that location. When you map a network drive, it will show up as a new drive unde
 3-0048-EN-Enable "Use Template" function when adding a new product to prefill the product properties from a template
 - Open shop in ShopFactory - Add a new Product Template with no-image.png as product image
 3-0049-EN-ShopFactory automatically calculates tax and shipping costs based on “Customer location detection” and preselects buyer language from the “Automatic customer language detection” settings
 Tax and shipping rates are applied to specific regions and ShopFactory calculates tax and shipping costs based on the “Customer location detection” setting. ShopFactory also pres
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