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 14-0001-EN-My Country's Currency Code has changed, how do I change this in ShopFactory?
 14-0002-EN-Inserting PDF links within ShopFactory
 You can insert PDF links in your shop - the PDF files must be copied into the shop's media folder and then use the "Link to an existing file" feature.
 14-0003-EN-Backup: How to back up a shop project and copy shop to another computer
 One of the distinctions of ShopFactory is that your shop project is stored on your computer. Keeping a backup of your important business files and data is essential for several importan
 14-0004-EN-Download Orders from ShopFactory Total Care or GlobeCharge Business Pro account into Sales Manager
   1.) Launch Sales Manager:
 14-0005-EN-Importing Numeric Data from Excel
  There is a flaw in the Excel ODBC driver and this is basically out of our control. The excel ODBC d
 14-0006-EN-I get "Conversion Error" when opening my shop: What does this mean?
   The conversion error message appears when the template you are using cannot be found in your shop's template
 14-0007-EN-ShopFactory has Encountered a Problem on my computer what do I do?
 14-0008-EN-How can I forward my shop to Support?
 1. Advice on how to create a backup:
 14-0009-EN-What is the “Failed to unpack LP5” error message?
 This issue has been reported to us previously and has been found to be caused by Computer Associates' product "CA PestPatrol" which has also been re-branded for use in AOL's "AOL Safety and
 14-0011-EN-How do I compress files using Windows XP Internal ZIP?
 Both Windows XP Professional and Home Edition have included a zip compression utility (similar to WinZip)
 14-0012-EN-How do I compress/reduce files using WINZIP?
  WinZip is a utility program that allows you to compress (reduce the file size) and coll
 14-0013-IT-How do I register my ShopFactory software again?
 Ensure you are using the latest build of ShopFactory  1. Close ShopFactory software. 2. Download and install ShopFactory again from
 14-0013-EN-How do I register my ShopFactory software again?
 Ensure you are using the latest build of ShopFactory 
 14-0014-EN-Close down my ShopFactory Cloud subscription
  This article will show you how to close your ShopFactory Cloud subscription in Account -> Manage Subscription. 1. Open
 14-0015-EN-Easily send, receive, and share large files and folders with Dropbox
  Dropbox is a service that lets you bring all your files: photos
 14-0016-EN-How can several people manage and maintain the shop project in multiple locations?
  How do I easily share the shop project to several people in multiple locations so everyone has access to the same project file and update the shop accordingly
 14-0017-EN- I have forgotten my ShopFactory Total Care password
 Your activation key can only be used once. If you need to register your copy of ShopFactory again, you n
 14-0018-EN-Internal Error in Vista when installing ShopFactory
 PROBLEM:  ShopFactory does not properly install on Microsoft Windows Vista.
 14-0019-EN-How do I create landing pages for my Google Adwords campaign? EN
  You can actually assign any page in your shop
 14-0020-EN-"Internal Error: Failed to expand shell folder constant "userdocs" following " Setup was not completed. Please correct the problem and run Setup again"
 Problem: ShopFactory does not Install at all on Windows Vista SYMPTOMS: While installing ShopFactory on Windows Vista, during the i
 14-0021-EN-How do I compress files using WinRAR?
  WinRAR is a powerful archive manager. It can backup your data and reduce size o
 14-0022-EN-How do I transfer a shop project to another computer?
 Q: I have purchased a new computer. How do I transfer my ShopFactory files from one computer to another? A: Moving a shop project across to
 14-0023-EN-"How do I disable the shopping cart functionality for my whole website?
 ShopFactory adds the shopping cart functionality by default to all your products. If you wish to create an online catalog only, you will need to disable this functionality shop wide.
 14-0024-EN-"Internal error message when checking out
 If you get the error message displayed below when checking out in your shop and this is affects only a few products but not all, check that the image name of one of the products that is ca
 14-0025-EN-How do I create a screenshot to show the error I encounter?
 You can use one of the following options to take a screenshot:
 14-0026-EN-"How do I extract/decompress the zipped files I receive in my email?
 14-0027-EN-"What is Hosting?
 Hosting is giving your website a home on the Internet. You have to publish your website to a special Internet computer (server), so it can be a
 14-0028-EN-"When creating a new shop I get an error: Failure in SetLinkList(CDL1, NULL) - Unspecified error."
 Also if you get the following errors: SetLinkList(PTL1,NULL)unknown Error occured Q: When trying to import using the import wizard I get three error messages.
 14-0029-EN-The Secure Order Padlock not in appearing in my Browser, what is causing this?
   Please be
 14-0030-EN-"My website is not displaying correctly with Firefox 1.5?
  Firefox 1.5.0.x will be maintained with security and stability updates until mid-May, 2007. All users are strongly encouraged to  upgrade to 
 14-0031-EN-How do I become a reseller?
 Become a Reseller
 14-0032-EN-What does it mean if I get this message when trying to preview on my computer- ?
 Cause: Either Javascript or cookies or both have been disabled or blocked in the browser. Corrective Action: Enable Javascript (but leave all other s
 14-0033-EN-External Preview shows a “Page not found” error
   When Microsoft Active-synch is active and connected to a handheld device, external preview may not immediately work.
 14-0034-EN-How do I update my contact details?
 On the checkout page there is a heading that says "You are buying from My Website" there is also a details link shown below this.
 14-0035-EN-How do I get the latest update of ShopFactory?
 ShopFactory Updates are released as required, approximately every 2 months. To download the latest u
 14-0036-EN-What is the Difference between a ShopFactory Update and Upgrade?
 When using ShopFactory there are free updates released from time to time within the version of ShopFactory that you have purchased.
 14-0037-EN-How to add Google Analytic code in ShopFactory V8?
 STEPS:  Open your shop in Shopfactory.
 14-0038-EN-How do I insert a link to an email address on my pages?
 To insert a link to an email address follow the following steps: 1. In the ShopFactory Editor click on an area on the Page you want to add the Ema
 14-0039-EN-How do I update the Terms and Conditions on my website?
 The Terms and Conditions is located on the Terms Page in ShopFactory.  
 14-0040-EN-How do I remove the "under construction" warning?
 The Under contruction warning is updated on the Publish Settings.  
 14-0041-EN-How can I define number of products to be displayed per page?
 This is a setting call "Autosplit pages" in Global Settings  
 14-0042-EN-How do I redirect a page on my website to another URL?
 For eg I want my Home Page to point to another URL, how do I do this?  
 14-0043-EN-I do not want my customers to have to "accept terms & conditions". How do I turn this off?
 There is a Global Setting in ShopFactory to allow you to turn of the "Accept terms and conditions" page that appears at checkout.
 14-0044-EN-I cannot run ShopFactory 7 with Windows Vista
 If you receive an error message like the one shown below.  
 14-0045-EN-Search function: "error fetching data"
 This error is caused when you turn on PHP Search in your shop but PHP is not installed on your hosting account. PHP needs to be installed on your webserver where you
 14-0046-EN-I get an error PHP was not detected on the provided server! - What does this mean?
 This error can occur if PHP is not installed on your web server. PHP needs to be installed on your webserver where your shop is published.
 14-0047-EN-I am using ShopFactory light and I have reached my product limit but I have less than 50 Products.
 When using ShopFaqctory Light there is a limit of 50 products in your website as well as 25 pages. Paragraphs are handled in the same way as products so these are included in the count for
 14-0047-NL-I am using ShopFactory light and I have reached my product limit but I have less than 50 Products.
 When using ShopFaqctory Light there is a limit of 50 products in your website as well as 25 pages. Paragraphs are handled in the same way as products so these are included in the count for
 14-0048-EN-My customers cannot select a different shipping address.
  When your customer's proceed through your website to the checkout they may receive an error message like the one below.
 14-0049-EN- Fixing Runtime Error/Disk write error – Cannot open multimedia database
 Image Error: Runtime Error – Cannot open multimedia database
 14-0050-EN-ShopFactory on MAC Operating System
 14-0051-EN-How do I send my shop to ShopFactory Support?
 Make sure ShopFactory is closed before you start making this backup. Please follow the procedures below on how
 14-0052-EN-Index 1 and Index 2 are not visible on my computer. Why is this?
 First you need to exclude other options that might cause this problem.
 14-0053-EN-How do I add Google tracking code to my entire ShopFactory 7 website?
  I obtained my Google Analytics code and I want to add this on my website. How do I do this?
 14-0054-EN-When I run ShopFactory, I get this error: "Failure in m_p ConnSession->Open Data Source"... what does this mean?
 14-0055-EN-Anti Virus Programs can slow down ShopFactory
 14-0056-EN-Why there are image filenames that start with t_, l_ and k_ in my media folder?
 14-0057-EN-Why are my flash pictures not showing up on my new computer with IE 8 64-bit browser settings?
 The website theme you are using may be a " Flash-template" and IE 8 64-bit does not
 14-0058-EN-I have copied my shopfiles and manually renamed the folder. Now, my shop is not working anymore. What Should I do?
 14-0059-EN-How to download and install ShopFactory Template?
 How to download and install ShopFactory Template?
 14-0060-EN-Google Webmaster Tools: Verify your site ownership
 Google’s site verification is the process of proving that you own the site or app that you claim to own. Google needs to confirm ownership because once you are verified for a site or a
 14-0061-EN-ShopFactory keeps crashing, what must I do?
  Can you please check if you have installed any of the following toolbars and/or applications o
 14-0062-EN-I am getting "Internal Server Error" at checkout, what should I do?
  Can you please do
 14-0063-EN-How to Compact and Repair Database?
  You will need Microsoft Access installed in your computer. This is include
 14-0064-EN-How do I create another COPY (duplicate) of a Product with a different Product ID which will become another product in my shop?
 14-0065-EN-Internet Explorer opens in new window instead of new tab, how can I make it behave like Firefox so that it will open in new tab?
 14-0066-EN-How Can I Change the Header of my Invoice and Receipt to "Tax Invoice" and "Tax Receipt" Respectively?
  1. Download the order receipt.html and order invoice.html files through this link
 14-0067-EN-How do I insert social media links such as Facebook and Twitter?
 1. Create shop in ShopFactory  
 14-0068-EN-How to Populate "Shop by Brand" page and how to turn it off?
 14-0069-EN-How do I separate and put a space between the currency symbol and product price in my shop?
  1. Dow
 14-0070-EN-How to add videos in your shop pages using embed code?
 Important: You must "use old embed code"
 14-0071-EN-How to remove brands in "Shop By Brand" page you no longer use?
  Shop by Brand is a special page supported in ShopFactory Gold product. Please note that your Hosting account must have P
 14-0072-EN-Converting an Excel Spreadsheet to an Access 2010 Database
  - Prepareyour data in an Excel spreadsheet and save as CSV type or XLS type. You takenote of the directory where it&rs
 14-0073-EN-Malware and Virus – Online shop is showing: Warning: Visiting this site may harm your computer!
 ShopFactory will in no way use harmful scripts and our software does NOT generate these kinds of scripts at all. We believe that your computer is inf
 14-0074-EN-Restore missing images, PDF and other file links after doing File/Clean up
 If you recently did a File >> Clean up function and noticed that some of the product images and/or PDF links in your shop went missing, you can restore these missing i
 14-0075-EN-How do I delete my website content / shop files online?
 You can delete your website content by using a 3rd Party FTP program. Caution: Please make sure you have an existing copy of your shop in ShopFactory that you can publish/upload at a later
 14-0076-EN-How to check my version and build?
 To check your ShopFactory version and Build, please followthis procedure: -Open ShopFactory
 14-0077-EN-How to apply added HTML code in other languages?
  Open your shop in ShopFactory Go to Properties -> "Edit Website HTML"
 14-0078-EN- How to Deactivate ShopFactory Total Care and Register a New Account?
 Please follow this procedure to deactivate ShopFactory TotalCare:  
 14-0079-EN-How to update your payment details in Account | Manage Subscription
 This article will show you how to update your payment details in Account -> Manage Subscription.Your payment details show your nominated payment method for your ShopFactory account, which can be a
 14-0080-EN-Download and Install the latest build of ShopFactory
 A.)If you have ShopFactory Light, Pro, or Gold (fixed) version of ShopFactory 8 – -Go to 
 14-0081-EN-My shop is hosted by ShopFactory, how do I recover my ShopFactory Hosting password?
 Recover my ShopFactory Hosting Password  ShopFactory Hosting password does not get reset whe
 14-0082-EN-European eCommerce Practice Becomes Law: Delivery Time, Returns Form, Payment selection
 On June 13, 2014 the planned new European rules regarding e-commerce practice became law. From that moment on, your shop is expected to comply with these new regulations. Shop
 14-0083-EN-How to add a holiday notice i.e. Christmas closure on your website
 Closing for the holidays? There are several areas in your website where you can show your buyers a holiday bulletin notice.
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