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 5-0001-EN-How do I correct my Shop URL / website address in Google XML feed?
 Make sure you have entered the complete website address / correct Publish URL in the Publish SETUP box and Contact Details form.
 5-0002-EN-SEO-friendly Detailed Page styles
 ShopFactory 11 includes some new and advanced "Detailed View Product Styles". Not only are these product styles updated with new layouts and search engine optimization changes, some include
 5-0003-EN-Setting up Advanced (PHP) Search functionality in ShopFactory?
 Note: PHP must be enabled in your hosting account. At least PHP 5.5 is required for Advanced Search t
 5-0004-EN-How do I get a higher ranking with Search engines?
 Search Engine Optimization
 5-0005-EN-What are Website maps?
  Website Maps
 5-0006-EN-SEO, stand out with our Search Engine Optimization
 ShopFactory has been designed to help you stand out in search engines. After all, what good is a webshop, if no one can find it?
 5-0007-EN-What is PHP?
  PHP sta
 5-0008-EN-How can I keep my OLD URL – to keep my rankings in search engines?
 These instructions describe how to make changes in your servers Control Panel—not in Shopfactory.   (Each control panel is se
 5-0009-EN-How do I add or edit meta tags in my shop?
 1. In the Left Tree click on the Page you want to edit meta tags on.  
 5-0010-EN-Shop is running very slow after inserting Google Analytics code
 My shop is running very slow - navigating from one page to another is taking too long to load. Why is this happening?
 5-0011-EN-Adding Google Analytics code in ShopFactory?
 Please use the Google Analytics code dialog specifically intended for this purpose -
 5-0012-EN-Setting up Google eCommerce conversion tracking tag in ShopFactory
 Google conversion tracking tag is used to track clicks on your website as conversions. To add this tag to your website, follow the instructions below. Tracking means recordi
 5-0013-EN- Difference between Social Media Links and Follow us/Like Us Links - How to add them in ShopFactory?
 Social Media Links are links to various social media networking websites to allow your visitors to share about your shop in their social media networking accounts. The butt
 5-0014-EN-Submit the “sitemap.xml” file to Google
 Submit the Runtime sitemap.xml file to Google to expedite the indexing of the v7 pages.
 5-0015-EN-Customizing Search Results page - change the highlighting color and number of search results
 A)   Increasing the Search Results value? To change t
 5-0016-EN-Search Engine Optimization: SEO Tools app and SEO Consultation service
 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is both a fine art and simple common sense. It can be a trial and error practice for some business owners as each business and website is different – an
 5-0017-EN-Setting up ALT image tags in my shop
 SEO is the process of improving visibility based on the content on your website – this includes department pages, articles and products. SEO is specifically up to the e
 5-0018-EN-Applying the fix for Google Search Console: New Breadcrumbs issue detected for site (data-vocabulary.org schema deprecated)
 Make sure you have updated to the latest ShopFactory 14 release. 1. Download and install the latest ShopFactory 14
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