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 13-0001-EN-How do I setup vouchers?
 To enable Vouchers in your shop, you must have a ShopFactory Total Care account or an existing GlobeCharge Business Plus account for old ShopFactory versions.
 13-0002-EN-Bulk upload Marketing Vouchers into my ShopFactory Total Care account
 I have a promotion running on another site that generates several marketing voucher codes; is there a way for me to import these voucher codes generated externally - into my Total Ca
 13-0003-EN-How do I use Vouchers?
 To enable Vouchers in your shop, you must have a paid ShopFactory SF Cloud / Total Care account.  
 13-0004-EN-Reseller Tracking Settings in ShopFactory
 Your online shop can be setup to show the retail prices. However, you can also setup your shop to show the 'wholesale' prices as soon as a reseller/wholesaler logs in to the shop. The discoun
 13-0005-EN-Customer Membership Settings in ShopFactory
 This feature allows a merchant to provide setup member login so that a customer can login to view the prices and/or view discounted prices applicable to all shop members. 
 13-0006-EN-The Services Menu is Disabled, how do I Enable it?
 The Services Menu only applies to GlobeCharge Services and requires a GlobeCharge account.  To enable it you need to let ShopFactory know that you have a GlobeCharge account. This is d
 13-0007-EN-How do I enable Affiliate Reseller Tracking in ShopFactory?
 Create a personal store address for your customers who sign up to your affiliated reseller program. Reward them with a discount (Level 1 commission) on their future purchases via their person
 13-0008-EN-I have created a new shop that needs to run in a separate account, how do I signup for extra account?
 13-0009-EN-How do I disable a “Customer Reward Voucher” in my shop?
 - Click on My Orders button to connect to SF Cloud interface - Click Marketing
 13-0010-EN-How do I setup Gift Vouchers?
 IMPORTANT NOTE: Gift Vouchers will ONLY work using ShopFactory V8.30 Build 10321 or higher
 13-0011-EN-Fraud Protection Settings: Realtime payment processing redirects to Thank you page instead of going to payment gateway
 You will need to review your “Fraud protection settings” in Total Care – you may have set the "Risk indicator trigger" to a very low value
 13-0012-EN-I want to control who becomes a member in my shop, how do I get customer details without signing them up as a member automatically?
 I want to add my shop members manually. I don’t want to show the "Signup" link in the shop for Customer Membership Management service - I need to check who can become members in my shop
 13-0013-EN-How do I setup ESD (Electronic Softgoods Delivery)?
 There are a number of things to do. Setup a Total Care account
 13-0014-EN-Setup Special Products in ShopFactory Cloud and sell via Facebook
 Note: "Special Products" feature is ONLY applicable to ShopFactory Gold and Platinum Rental plans.
 13-0015-EN-Download customers list from Total Care
 This service applies to a paid Total Care account. When your customers place orders from your website, these orders are securely stored in your Total Care account. Consequently, the customers list is being populated with
 13-0016-EN-Add Store to Facebook
 Important note: The Facebook store app requires https. Facebook app will only work for websites that are in https. It is Facebook requiring your site
 13-0017-EN-Adding Gift Voucher product type with own custom design in ShopFactory Cloud
 With the recent release of ShopFactory Cloud as part of your ShopFactory 14 subscription, you can make your gift cards look even better with your own custom designs.
 13-0018-EN-Embedding ShopFactory Cloud Buy now buttons and links
 Note: ShopFactory Cloud feature is ONLY applicable to ShopFactory Gold Rental plan users. Thi
 13-0019-EN-Enabling Facebook Pixel feature in ShopFactory
 Facebook Advertising made easyThe Facebook Pixel makes advertising on Facebook easy to use and super powerful.Wit
 13-0020-EN-Using "Request a quote" feature in ShopFactory
 Start your sales with a quote The good news
 13-0021-EN-Enabling "SSL certificate" in your ShopFactory Hosting Account
 Boost sales on your ShopFactory website with https encryption (SSL)Only applicable if you are hosting your website with ShopFactory.
 13-0022-EN-Using "Search Filters" feature in ShopFactory
 ShopFactory Search Filters  Requires ShopFactory V14
 13-0023-EN-How to setup a promo code (Marketing Voucher) that only applies to specific products or only to an entire department or a certain brand
 You can now setup a promo code limited to specific products or certain brand or department via Marketing Voucher service.
 13-0024-EN-How to setup to set up Facebook Comments Moderation Tool
 To use the moderation tool, you either need to connect a Facebook account or a Facebook app to your comments plugin implementation.
 13-0025-EN-Form Builder app: setting up forms and survey polls in your shop
 13-0026-EN-How to setup Doofinder search app
 Doofinder Search app A powerful, quick and intuitive search engine that will help you to improv
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