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 1-0001-EN-Register ShopFactory with a new activation key or register with an existing username
 1: Register ShopFactory with a new activation key and generate a new ShopFactory account - To activate ShopFactory, select "I have an activation key" option - Enter your new activation key -> click Continue
 1-0002-EN-I cannot register ShopFactory what do I do?
 **For ShopFactory V11 and Total Care Users, please follow the steps in our Knowledgebase article provided below**
 1-0003-EN-ShopFactory Registration: Account Setup dialog doesn’t show 'Continue' button
 - Run ShopFactory - At the Account Setup window, place your mouse pointer at the lower right corner of the border &
 1-0004-EN-I sold my business, how do I turn over my existing ShopFactory Total Care account to the new owner?
 ShopFactory Total Care rental plan is transferable.
 1-0005-EN-How do I enter an order email address in ShopFactory?
  Open up your shop file in ShopFactory.  
 1-0006-EN-Why can't I enter decimal numbers in the product price field? I can only enter whole numbers like 90 or 10
 There are 2 things you need to check.  
 1-0007-EN-How can I round my prices to the nearest 5 or 10 units depending on my currency?
 1. Open your shop in ShopFactory.
 1-0008-EN-Terms and Conditions: Where do I enter my shopping terms and conditions?
  1.Open up ShopFactory
 1-0009-EN-Product Prices: How do I increase my product prices by a certain percentage or amount?
  1. Open up ShopFactory
 1-0010-EN-How do I change the weight unit in my shop?
  In ShopFactory, the weight scale for a product is set to kilos by default but I want to put the weight of my
 1-0011-EN-Shop Currency: How do I change the supported currencies in my shop?
 To display certain currencies that users can select from your shop do the following: 1. Click on Central in the top toolbar and select ‘Currencies accepted’ in the d
 1-0012-EN-How can I add decimals in the Quantity Field?
 1. Open ShopFactory  
 1-0013-EN-How do I make fields on my order form NON - Mandatory?
 Some fields should Always be mandatory for ShopFactory to work correctly.
 1-0014-EN-I do not want the Term and Conditions page to appear on my website
  1.Open shop in ShopFactory 2. You will see a tree view of your pages on the left hand side of the editor
 1-0015-EN-Catalog Numbers: How do I show catalog numbers for my products?
  I have added a few products to my shop and I have entered item numbers that my customers use to identify the
 1-0016-EN-How do I remove "Select a Currency" option in my website?
  Open your shop in ShopFactory.
 1-0017-EN-How do I import an existing database to ShopFactory?
 To access the import wizard, click Start - All Programs - ShopFactory - Import wizard. If
 1-0018-EN-I just Installed / Upgrade my version of ShopFactory and my website is not listed among recent Files.
 If the website is not listed, click on the Browse button .  
 1-0019-EN-How do I re-order my Pages in my Shop so they display in a different order on my website?
 If you have added a page and want to move it into a different location, you can simply drag the page into its new position with your mouse. In normal mode, locate
 1-0020-EN-What do the different tabs do in ShopFactory?
 List Mode
 1-0021-EN-External Preview and Your Firewall
 When you preview your website with the external
 1-0022-EN-SOPs Secure Order Processing Licenses
 Firstly please let me explain the reasons behind theneed for the secure order processing licenses. We have previously been offering the freeorder processing se
 1-0023-EN-My shop is translated in other languages but I want to show the website in main language by default
 1. Open ShopFactory  
 1-0024-EN-Configuring your firewall
 A personal firewall (e.g., the Norton firewall and ZoneAlarm) is a gatekeeper to the Internet. For the purpose of security, it either grants o
 1-0025-EN-I cannot work on my shop - ShopFactory V8 crashes/shuts down: I am using Windows Vista. How do I resolve this? **Applicable to V8 only**
  ShopFactory crashes everytime I open my shop. I am using Windows Vista. 
 1-0026-EN-I am using Windows 7 and ShopFactory keeps on crashing. How do I fix this? **Applicable to V8 only**
 If you upgraded to Windows 7 and ShopFactory is now crashing – please try the following to resolve the issue:  
 1-0027-EN-I have paid for my ShopFactory software. How do I remove the DEMO message at the Checkout page in my shop?
 1-0031-EN-I have ShopFactory Rental plan: How do I install and register the latest version of ShopFactory?
 - Download and install the latest release of ShopFactory ShopFactory's latest release is available for downl
 1-0032-EN-Convert an existing ShopFactory account using a new activation key or register ShopFactory with existing username
 1-0033-EN-I want to be charged 12-months for my Total Care account (I don’t want to pay monthly)
 If you want to be charged for 12-months, you need to change your payment details to "Pay on Invoice" or "Bank Transfer". You payment should be set to manual payment first so that in
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