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 7-0001-EN-Getting UPS access key EN
 IMPORTANT NOTE: “WEIGHT” must be defined in all your products in the shop.
 7-0002-EN-How do I set up VAT in the European Union (EU)?
 From ShopFactory 7.23 onwards (V8, V9, etc.), setting up VAT  for  countries belonging to the European Union has become very easy. Simply assign the V
 7-0003-EN-Visual Example: Setting up Taxes in the EU with ShopFactory
 1. Open your shop in ShopFactory -> click Central dropdown (Properties) => Taxes from the menu  
 7-0004-EN-Tax rate has changed from 20% to 22%, how do I update my shop?
 7-0005-EN-How do I save a shipping method template so I can use same shipping in another shop?
 7-0006-EN-How can I use a Shipping Provider to calculate my shipping charges?
 ShopFactory is now integrated with the following Shipping Providers: UPS
 7-0007-EN-Why can't I see any shipping methods?
 This can happen, if you have not assigned a common shipping method to all products.  
 7-0008-EN-I need to display Shipping Charges for Each Product - how do I do this?
  Select the Properties Menu
 7-0009-EN-How do I add shipping charges to individual products?
  I have some heavy items in my shop which can only be sent by special courier. This method only applies to a smal
 7-0010-EN-Enable UPS shipping provider in my shop
 Note: To enable UPS as your shipping provider, you will need to have an account with UPS
 7-0011-EN-How do I setup Shipping based on weight?
 If you want to calculate shipping costs based on the weight of products ordered, there are 2 examples on how to set this up:
 7-0012-EN-Setting up taxes: How do I set up taxes for selected products only?
 I need to charge my customers tax but only on some of the items I sell. Some of my products do not have to be taxed. How do I do this?
 7-0013-EN-I want to charge a separate tax on Shipping, how do I do this?
  Using "Apply the tax to shipping" option when you need to setup a separate tax that only applies to the shipping cost - Open your shop in ShopFactory
 7-0014-EN-VAT on Shipping
 VAT is applied in different ways on shipping, as in some locations it is regards as a services VAT which has to be applied regardless of the VAT on products. So – depending in the merc
 7-0015-EN-How do I setup Tax (GST) for Australia?
 In Australia GST applies to Goods and Services at the rate of 10%.  Since GST applies to Services it
 7-0016-EN-How do I limit the list of countries that I ship to?
 You can limit the country or region where you ship your products to and visitors from other countries will not be able to order from your shop by setting your Shipping meth
 7-0017-EN-What does this error mean when I use USPS : 80040b1a - Authorization failure?
  You need to sign up for a USPS WebTools account, it will not work with a normal USPS account.
 7-0018-EN-How do I allow Free Shipping on Some Products but not all?
 ShopFactory is designed to allow one common shipping method for all products.   The only way to achieve free shipping on some products is to calculate Shipping based on Weight.
 7-0019-EN-How to import TAX using the Import Wizard
 Using the Import Wizard you are able to import TAX information for the products. Please follow the steps as
 7-0020-EN-How do I use Canada Post to calculate my Shipping?
 Please note: You must contact Canada Post to set-up an online merchant access Business Account - they will direct you to do this online yourself through their website - it only takes a few minutes. 
 7-0021-EN-How do I setup my Prices exclusive of Tax?
 1. Open ShopFactory.  
 7-0022-EN-How can I set up shipping costs by regions ( different states in one country)?
 7-0023-EN-How to set up decreasing shipping costs or free if customer Spends over a certain amount?
 I want to setup shipping so that the more a customer spends in the shop the less they have to pay for Shipping. To achieve this, you would most likely want to s
 7-0024-EN-Why does County field have to be selected at checkout for Shipping?
 Counties are regions within a State in the USA.  Some Counties require that Taxes need to be collected on a County level rather than just at the State Level.
 7-0025-EN-Setup Free Shipping in my shop but customers can opt for insured postage at a cost
  Your shop offers free shipping however if customers want their orders to be shipped as insured then they will have to pay for insura
 7-0026-EN-How do I setup FedEx Web Services for Shipping and enable it in my shop?
 FedEx supports domestic and international shipping rates for USA and Canada. Other countries using FedEx can
 7-0027-EN-Combine Shipping Providers in my shop
 To use the "Combine multiple shipping providers" option, please follow the steps below: 
 7-0028-EN-Setting up Sales Tax in the USA: example California
  The Sales tax collection rules in the US are generally as follows: 1. You must collect California Sales Tax from all cu
 7-0029-EN-How to setup tax rate using the ratio of the part of the product?
 Generally, the tax in ShopFactory is applied to the whole product,not on just a part of it. However, you can set it up by adjusting the tax rateusing the ratio of the part of the product.
 7-0030-EN-Automatically display the Delivery/Shipping Address Form at the checkout page
 To enable the Shipping Form to show by default without having your customers manually tick the “Deliver to a different address” checkbox, you must enable this opt
 7-0031-EN- Free shipping to shop members if they purchase a certain amount
 To setup free shipping to shop members, please follow the steps provided below. Open shop in ShopFactory
 7-0032-EN-Printing address labels for PostNL
 You have 2 options when printing PostNL address labels – OPTION 1. Use the correct Label type &ndash
 7-0033-EN-Canadian Tax Set-up
 Please refer to the Canada Revenue Agency’s website for current HST / GST and Provicial Sales Tax rates, as these rates change regularly:  
 7-0034-EN-Setup shipping that applies to local region i.e. “Local Pickup only – Free Shipping”
 7-0035-EN-Setting up "Pickup from store" shipping option
 Either use a shipping provider option or enter my own shipping charges
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