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 8-0001-EN-Publishing my shop: Using mobile-connection shows connection timeout
 If you are using a mobile or wireless internet connection, sometimes the connection times out and publishing encounters an issue. There is also an instance where publishing progress bar doesn
 8-0002-EN-Publishing via SFTP/FTPS or Secure FTP in ShopFactory
 ShopFactory now supports secure publishing function. Note: Ensure you are at least using the latest release of ShopFactory V10 or ShopFactory V11
 8-0003-EN-Publish my Shop locally and then upload using a third party FTP (i.e. publishing behind a proxy)
 If you are having difficulty publishing your shop using the internal publish function, please use the workaround below.
 8-0004-EN-How do I publish the shop using my hosting details?
 8-0005-EN-How do I point my own domain to ShopFactory hosted pages?
 Your paid Total Care service includes free 'basic hosting' account. Your hosting base name format will be <shopname>.shopfactory.com
 8-0006-EN-How do I publish my Website to the Internet?
 In Order to Publish your website on the Net you need to have the following things?
 8-0007-EN-How do I publish to my computer?
 1. In ShopFactory Click on the publish button and Select Publish your website on your computer
 8-0008-EN-When I upgrade to the latest Version of ShopFactory, publishing seems to hang, what is causing this?
 When upgrading from a previous version to 10.23 for example, Publishing appears to hang. But if I reinstall the previous version of ShopFactory, publishing is working agai
 8-0009-EN-What does this message mean: HTTP Error 500 - Internal server error?
 Your Web server encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling th
 8-0010-EN-Problems with Publishing inside ShopFactory
 If you are having Problems with Publishing to hosting server and ShopFactory cannot connect or if you receive a message like “...ensure you have the
 8-0011-EN-How do I publish only modifications to my shop vs the entire shop?
 1.  Once you have made changes to website it is best to Preview your website on your machine first, click on the Preview button on the Toolbar.
 8-0012-EN-Do I need to publish my entire shop each time I change something?
 No you can only publish the changes. There are exceptions.  
 8-0013-EN-I am getting 'Your Publish URL is wrong!' error message everytime I publish my website .
 If you are using ShopFactory V7, make sure you are using the current build -
 8-0014-EN-Can I publish my website to a CD?
 It can be helpful to publish your ShopFactory website to a CD especially if you are creating the site for some one else and wish to show it to them first.
 8-0015-EN-Can I use my own FTP program to publish my website?
 There are a number of reasons which could prevent you from being able to publish your website from within ShopFactory.  
 8-0016-EN-How do I publish my shop from 2 or more computers?
  How do I open and/or publish my shop from any of my 2 computers?
 8-0017-EN-Why images may not show in a shop after publishing?
 Here is a scenario why images may not show in a shop after publishing. This will usually apply to shops which have been created with older versions of ShopFactory prior to version 8 and whic
 8-0018-EN-Turbo Publishing in ShopFactory
 ShopFactory V8.20 of ShopFactory and above includes
 8-0019-EN-I have updated my product prices online but OLD Prices are showing up when customer browser pages are cached
 8-0020-EN-I have a ShopFactory Hosting account, how do I change the Hosting name?
 NOTE: You can only change your SF Hosting name once. If you want it changed again for some reason, you need to contact SF Support.
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