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 12-0001-EN-Translate Content: my website has other languages enabled but the products are not visible in other languages?
 Selling in multiple languages easier than ever A completely reworked LanguageLink in the current ShopFactory release makes translating and managing website
 12-0002-EN-Google Product Feed: Export Products and Promote to Google
 In order to upload your product data in Google Merchant Center, you will first need to create a feed to which you can submit your data. This step is required and once a new feed is registered, you can update the existing
 12-0003-EN-Importing my Products using Import Wizard - A Simple Example
  Checkpoint: Make sure you have created the shop and previewed it externally in ShopFa
 12-0004-EN-ShopFactory Sales Manager
 1. What is Shopfactory Salesmanager? ShopFactory Sale
 12-0005-EN-Import Wizard: importing XLS spreadsheet - Catalog Number in TEXT type but with numeric entry shows up as number with decimal values
  Description of the problem: The Catalog number with numeric entries are being treated as "Number" type h
 12-0006-EN-Language Link: apply added custom HTML code in other languages
  Open your shop in ShopFactory Go to Properties -> "Edit Website HTML"
 12-0007-EN-What is Marketeer?
 Marketeer is a separate program to promote your products o
 12-0008-EN-What is International Language Link?
 This Add-On allows you to create and maintain a website in multiple languages. ShopFactory Language Link is a c
 12-0009-EN-Which versions of Shopfactory support International Shops (Muli-languages)?
  International support  
 12-0010-EN-What is XLIFF?
 XLIFF is an XML-based format that enables translators to concentrate on the text to be translated. Likewise, since it's a standard, manipulating XLIFF files makes localization engineering
 12-0011-EN-What is XML?
 What is XML?
 12-0012-EN-How do I create a bulk upload for Google Product search (formerly Froogle)?
  Where can I learn more about uploadi
 12-0013-EN-I have created a newsletter for my shop. How do I send "bulk email" to my customers?
 When you use SalesManager to download your orders, it also allows you to send bulk emails to your customers. So for example, if you have create
 12-0014-EN-I have Language Link add-on installed. How do I translate product text and navigation text?
 You will need to have multiple languages enabled in "Translation Languages" to be able to see the Languages toolbar is visible. If it's NOT, simply click
 12-0015-EN-How do I import orders with salesmanager?
 Requirements &nb
 12-0016-EN-Setting up my "import File" to Import my Products with Import Wizard
 There are two columns which are mandatory
 12-0017-EN-Adding Products to Departments in ShopFactory using Import Wizard
 12-0018-EN-I Installed Language link but it doesnt seem to be working, what is wrong?
 The most likely cause is that the Language Toolbar is disabled.  
 12-0019-EN-Import Wizard and the differences between Import Wizard and Import Wizard Pro
 12-0020-EN-How do I generate a CSV file using Marketeer?
  You can export product data from ShopFactory in a comma delimited for
 12-0021-EN-I imported my orders to SalesManager but I cannot see them
 Sales Manager says it imported 100 orders but I cannot see any of them - how do I find these orders?
 12-0022-EN-I want to add another language not currently supported in ShopFactory, how do I do this?
  ShopFactory continuously strives to add more languages supported in Language Link add-on. However, if the language you want is not currently supported, you can add this yourself. I have out
 12-0023-EN-How to Display Custom Fields in SalesManager?
 This is what you must do to see the custom fields in SalesManager:
 12-0024-EN-How do I generate a Google XML file using Marketeer?
 You can export product data from ShopFactory in a Google XML format, so that you can promote your products to Google.  
 12-0025-EN-How to import products from existing MS access Database using Import Wizard?
 - Make sure that ShopFactory is not running
 12-0026-EN-PGP error 0 when generating PGP key in SalesManager
 The error above appears when you generate a PGP key in SalesManager and you already have previously generated a PGP key in that same computer. 
 12-0027-EN-Translate Link Image Groups (link to other pages and products) in other languages
 Assumption: You have translated your shop in other language/s as per our KB article,
 12-0028-EN-Translate Extra website areas (website html) in other languages
 Apart from being able to add custom html or script in your shop thru Properties -> Edit website HTML, ShopFactory also allows you to add texts and images via the Extra website areas
 12-0029-EN-Translate Website Footer information in other languages
 Language Link add-on is included in ShopFactory Gold. If you enabled navigation of your site in multiple languages then you can translate the pages in other languages.
 12-0030-EN-Translate "Related Products" in other languages
 Related product is using the link information of the product it's linked to - which can be translated separately under "Related products Link image" section.
 12-0031-EN-Translate custom HTML page contents and custom website contents
 Translating custom HTML contents in your pages and products
 12-0032-EN-Language Link: Translate pages and products
 Selling in multiple languages easier than ever A completely reworked LanguageLink in the current ShopFactory release makes translating and managing website
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