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 10-0001-EN-What discount functions are available?
  Discount Functions - Offering discounts helps you boost your sales. So of course ShopFactory contains the largest amount of discount
 10-0002-EN-How do I setup Product Level Discounts?
 1. Open your shop in ShopFactory.  
 10-0003-EN-Product Discounts: How do I set up a free product?
 I have product that I want to give away when my customer buys X amount of products as a bonus. How do I set that up?
 10-0004-EN-Product Discounts: How do I set up “Quantity Discount – By Price”?
 - Open shop in ShopFactory - Locate the page where the product is contained - Right click on the Product -> "Item P
 10-0005-EN-Product Discount: Buy this quantity and get this quantity free
 There are two types of settings when you setup this discount option. a)  Only grant free product once
 10-0006-EN-How do I use Discounts with Set Time Limit and Repeat options?
 1. From the menu choose Properties => Shop wide Discounts &nbs
 10-0007-EN-How do I set up Product is $5.95 but if you buy three it is only $9.95
 If you want to offer 3 or more products for $9.95 you need to setup discounts in the following way:  
 10-0008-EN-Product Discounts: Setting up "Quantity Discount – By Percentage"
 - Open shop in ShopFactory - Locate the page where the product is contained
 10-0009-EN-Shop-wide discount: Limit discount by 'Discount Codes'
 - Open shop in ShopFactory - Click -> Central dropdown -> Shop wide discounts
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