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 6-0001-EN-Adding image links on a page (banner links)
 It's important to provide quick links especially on your home page. This is your window to the world. While not all customers enter your website through your home page, many do. And so do se
 6-0002-EN-How do I select a different Product/Paragraph Style in my shop?
 You can actually change the default Product Style that comes with the website theme you selected in your shop. You can change a different product/paragraph design by page or you can have the
 6-0003-EN-How to select a product detailed view style?
 To select a product detailed view style, please follow the steps below: - Open shop in S
 6-0004-EN-Design customizations for advanced users i.e. adjust Site Header height
 6-0005-EN-How do I change my shop's navigation style?
  1. Open your shop in ShopFactory. By default, the ShopFactor
 6-0006-EN-Adding custom HTML code to a Page or to the entire website
 ShopFactory has a revised set of options to add or Edit custom HTML on your site globally. With the revised Ed
 6-0007-EN-How do I insert a background picture?
 1. Open your shop in ShopFactory. By default, the SFwindow view is in Normal mode. (Normal tab active from the View toolbar at the lower part of the screen).
 6-0008-EN- How Do I change/remove Design Image 1 (site header image)
 Some newer ShopFactory website themes/templates support a larger Design Image on the homepage and when you navigate to other pages, the height of the site header image is shorter than the homepage.
 6-009-EN-How do I change the Font Styles of my chosen website template?
 Note: If you use the Customize Design when changing Font styles and sizes in your page, it will take effect for ALL pages.
 6-0010-EN-How do I customize the looks of my pages?
 Customize the looks
 6-0011-EN-How do I change or remove the background picture in my website?
 You can change or remove the background image of your website, depending on the website theme you have chosen. &nbs
 6-0012-EN-How do I change the Product Style, I like the theme but not the Product style that comes with it? Only applicable for V7 and V8
 You can do this in one of two ways.  
 6-0013-EN-I keep changing my Font size but it seems to ingnore my changes?
 There are two different places you can change your Font size, and one can override the other.  
 6-0014-EN-How do I change the background color of my Product Description?
 To be able to change the background color of your product description in your website: 1. Open your shop in ShopFac
 6-0015-EN-How do I change the display of my Contact Details on the Contact Us Page?
 You can manage the merchant details that are displayed on the "Contact Us" page: re-arrange, sort, or hide some fields. Refer to the steps outlined below:
 6-0016-EN-How do I change the color of the BreadCrumb Text?
 1. Open shop in ShopFactory V10 2. Click on the Customize Design Tab and then click on the breadcrumb text
 6-0017-EN-How can I add a Table to my Home Page with Background Images in it?
 To set this up please follow the steps below. 1. Open your shop using the ShopFactory editor.
 6-0018-EN-How do I change the Color of the Price on my More Details page?
 Please note (different pictures are used from different shops) - just to show which menus etc to select  
 6-0019-EN-How do I add a picture in the navigation menus Index 1 and 2?
 1. In the ShopFactory Editor click on the Customize Design Tab  
 6-0020-EN-How can I change the icon buttons? Like the Add to Basket Icon for example.
 -          Open shop in ShopFactory -     &nb
 6-0021-EN-How do I change the color of the text on the "buttons" in ShopFactory
  1. In the ShopFactory Editor in the Left hand tree click any Department Page with Products 2. Click on Customize
 6-0022-EN-How do I make the Website Shopname and Slogan not appear on my website but still appear on my orders?
 I have my own Image with my Website name and Slogan. If I add Shopname and Slogan then it appears behind my header, its not what I want. If I leave it out then there is no ref to our name
 6-0023-EN-How do I change my Add to basket Icon outside Global Settings - Alternative Method
 1. Click on a Department Page in the Tree View in ShopFactory 2. Right click on the Add to Basket Icon in N
 6-0024-EN-I'm using a Flash template in my website, but the flash image is not displayed when the shop is previewed. How can I resolve this?
 The problem that you encountered may be caused by some sort of third party software suchas firewalls, virus scanners, or pop up blockers.
 6-0025-EN-I can not see the text on my checkout pages.
 On occasion if you customise your website it is possible that you could end up with either white or very ligh text on a white background on the checkout page.
 6-0026-EN-I've ordered a template - how do I find it?
 If you have ordered a template from our website, you will receive the download instructions to the email address entered when ordering.
 6-0027-EN-How do I change the Colors on the Signup Form for Customer Membership
  This FAQ applies to ShopFactory V7. In newer versions of ShopFactory the sign-up page automatically inherits the color of the pages of the template you are using. 
 6-0028-EN-The background colour I assigned to my Index items is not taking effect when viewed in Internet Explorer 6. I am using DDV navigation style. How do I resolve this?
 For ShopFactory V8 users: When I
 6-0029-EN-Banner Links
 The easiest and most common form of advertising on a website is Banner links. These are placed on a page on you website and provide a link to the a
 6-0030-EN-I don’t want the underline formatting for my text links – how do I remove this?
 6-0031-EN-How do I remove the image and some texts below the link box – underneath the mini-cart at the right side of the website?
 6-0032-EN-How to change the spacing of the index 2 menus?
 If you want tochange the line spacing of the Index 2 menu items, then you can do it byediting the index 2 CSS code.
 6-0033-EN-How to add videos in your shop pages using embed code?
 Important: You must "use old embed code"
 6-0034-EN-Showing sub-level/sub-page link image in the navigation menu
 Your page must have a “Page Link information” image so that the image shows up in sub-level navigation menu.
 6-0036-EN-Changing the background colour of the longer “Add to basket” button
 Below are the steps on how to change "add to basket" button color – - Open shop in ShopFactory
 6-0037-EN-How to reposition the Search bar in your shop?
 How to reposition Search bar in your shop: Note: Before changing anything from you
 6-0038-EN-Adding image under Index 2 (left sidebar)
 There are 2 ways in adding a picture or image within your Index 2.  
 6-0039-EN- Changing design image that only applies to a page
 Header image on your website can vary per page. This can be changed via Customize Design mode. To change the desig
 6-0040-EN- Customizing Index 1 or Index 2 items: mouseover text, font color, and font size
 You can customize the font, font colour, and background colour of your Index items - both index 1 and index 2.
 6-0041-EN-Changing the transition speed of banner links (Link Image Group 1 and Link Image Group 2)
 1) For ShopFactory V11 SFX Templates   A. Link Image Group
 6-0042-EN-Hide slogan in my website
   -  Open your shop in ShopFactory
 6-0043-EN-Adding an image link to a page or product in Index 2
 ShopFactory allows you to add an image to your Index 2 if using a website theme with vertical (left hand) sidebar. This can be achieved by going to customize design -> Left side bar ->
 ShopFactory allows you to embed custom html or js code in your website or within a page. Part 1 – Generate your embed code This website allows you to generate the map code for free,
 6-0045-EN- How to change Link text colors– any links added within the page/product text section i.e. page intro section
 -          Open shop in ShopFactory -     &nb
 6-0046-EN-Setting up “Center alignment” for Name/title of the Page Link information
   - Open page properties for the subpage where you want to setup Center alignment” for Name/title of the Page Link information
 6-0047-EN-How to remove strange horizontal line on the site header of JEFI themes?
 To remove the horizontal line on the site header of JEFI themes you need to add the codes below in the website HTML area of your shop.
 6-0048-EN-Googlebot can not access CSS and JS files on my website - how do I fix this?
 Please note that the robots.txt file is only there to tell search engines which files NOT to look at.  None of the files in robots.txt affects Google SEO. Therefore, you can simply edit
 6-0049-EN-Remove the Title and Description "background color" in Link Image Group 1
 The Title and Description in
 6-0050-EN-Adding custom HTML codes within <body>, <head> sections, or on the front page of the site
 ShopFactory has existing dialog boxes that can be used to insert custom HTML codes in your shop.
 6-0051-EN-How do I add a favicon to my website?
 According to Wikipedia, a favicon (short for favorites icon), also known as a shortcut icon, website icon, URL icon, or bookmark icon is a 16×16 or 32×32 pixel square icon associated with a particular web
  6-0052-EN-Adding Zopim Live Chat to my shop
 You can integrate Zopim live chat service into your ShopFactory store. It uses an embedded widget on your webpage that you control from your Zopim Dashboard. Please see the 
 6-0053-EN-Setting up Custom Navigation menu - Top Navigation and Footer Navigation
 A. Setting up Top Navigation links/texts/images 1. Open your shop in ShopFactory
 6-0054-EN-Adding Mailchimp custom website code in your ShopFactory shop
 You can add a Mailchimp custom site code such as popup subscription and embedded form via custom HTML dialog and Plugins content block in ShopFactory. Create custom pop-up f
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