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 6-0037-EN-How to reposition the Search bar in your shop?

How to reposition Search bar in your shop:

Note: Before changing anything from your shop please note to always save a backup copy of your shop in case you need to undo things or move a step back. To Save a backup copy of your shop, open your shop in ShopFactory and then click File -> Save AS -> enter shop-name_<date>, for example, ShopXYZ_2013-10-18 and then save. Save the backup copy of your shop to a safe place either to a USB drive or external hard drive. You can compress the shop folder -> change the archivename by adding the date and the time at the end before the .rar (i.e. shop-name_2013-12-07_1421.rar). This is very IMPORTANT so that if something goes wrong with your database you still have a backup copy of your shop that you can work with.

More importantly, the steps below can be done by anyone who is knowledgeable in css coding and advanced html users. If further customizations are required, then it is considered outside our Support Scope and that we will charge for further template customization requests.


To change the location of the Search bar:

1. Open the shop file by default, it is in "My Documents\ShopFactory V9 Websites" directory

2. Double click on the shop folder to open

3. Double click Runtime folder to open

4. Double click contents folder to open

5. Double click styles folder to open

 6. Open website.css file in a notepad

7. Locate the line where SEARCH is located and change the value of the position according to what you want.

Press CTRL+F and search for "Search" word



8. Save the file

9. Now open shop in ShopFactory

10. Save and Preview shop

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