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 6-0043-EN-Adding an image link to a page or product in Index 2

ShopFactory allows you to add an image to your Index 2 if using a website theme with vertical (left hand) sidebar. This can be achieved by going to customize design -> Left side bar -> add image.

However, if you want to add a linked image – you will need to use the “Add website html” feature.

-          Open your shop in ShopFactory

-          Go to LIST OF CONTENTS

-          Locate the product that you want to promote

-          Double click to open the product dialog

-          Take note of the product html filename i.e. p107.html


-          Click ok

If you want to link to a page, then locate the page at the left tree menu -> double click on the page to open the page properties and take note of the page ID i.e. d1.html

-          Now, click Properties -> Edit Website HTML

-          Click the + (ADD) button

-          Enter a name

-          Then insert the code – it must be modified according to the product you are linking to and the image filename if you want to include the product image.

<p style="text-align:center;padding:5px;"><a href="p107.html"><img src="../media/advert.jpg" border="0" /></a></p>

Where, p107.html is the appropriate product html file and advert.jpg is the image filename in the shop project’s media folder. All product images are located in the media folder so you need to locate the actual photo of the product and copy its filename correctly for this to work.


-          Click OK.

-          Repeat above steps for all other products you want to cross link.

-          Save and preview your shop.

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