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 6-0022-EN-How do I make the Website Shopname and Slogan not appear on my website but still appear on my orders?
I have my own Image with my Website name and Slogan. If I add Shopname and Slogan then it appears behind my header, its not what I want. If I leave it out then there is no ref to our name on the order conf.  How can I get around this?
In this example the Template AFM-BB is being used.
1. Click on Customize Design
2. Click on the Website Heading to get the menu and then choose Edit text... from the menu
3. Now the text is white on red background. We need to change the color of the text to be the same as the red background and then make the background of the text transparent. This way it is not visible but the Shopname is still there and appears on the order confirmation.
a) Choose the color of the header to be the same as the background as shown in the diagram below
b) Once applied it looks like this
c) Now Click on the location of the header (as in step 2) and choose edit background color from the menu
d) The color window will display, Click on the Transparent button under the color grid and click the Green tick to apply the change.  (depending on the theme, it might be slightly visible, not much can be done.....however if you have your own image over it you won't see it anyway )
e) Now Index 1 has disappeared so we need to bring that back
f) Click on the area where Index 1 should be to get the above menu. Then click on Index 1 item => Center => Edit text
g) In the color window that appears Choose White and Click the Green tick to accept. Now the Index 1 is back
h) You will need to do the same for the Mouse over text.  Follow step e) but this time choose Index 1 item => Center => Edit  mouseover text.. and change the color
i) You will need to do the same with the Slogan color to make that invisible  using the menu Website Slogan that will appear when you click on the Slogan area.

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