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 6-0008-EN- How Do I change/remove Design Image 1 (site header image)

Some newer ShopFactory website themes/templates support a larger Design Image on the homepage and when you navigate to other pages, the height of the site header image is shorter than the homepage.

If you have changed homepage design image and would want the same image for all other pages, you must edit the other pages too by following the steps below:

1. Open your shop in ShopFactory. By default, the SF window view is in Normal mode. (Normal tab active from the View toolbar at the lower part of the screen).

***If you are using a newer theme, select HOME page first at the left tree menu to change the homepage design image.

2. Click the "Customize Design" tab on the View toolbar.

3.Left-click on the Design Image1 area, this will be on the website theme template, at the top of the page. A Design Image1 shortcut menu will appear.


4. Click "Add image... and choose Picture 1 (the number of Pictures will vary depending on the Website Theme selected in your shop).

5. At the Design Image dialog box, click the X button to clear/remove the default image. –This will remove the Image.

6. If you want to add your own image:

a) Click on the first button from the left - when you point your mouse pointer to it, a tooltip called Open appears - click it.

b) if you want to use the default image then simply go to step 9

7. At the 'Select Files' window (file browser), locate the image/picture that you want to add in your header image. Click the image file and click Next.

8. The Image Editor box will come out, choose the appropriate options.You can apply the newly added image to a) All Pages, b) Pages using the current page style or c) this page only. Click ALL PAGES if you want the new design image to show in all pages.

9. Click 'OK' button.

10. The Design Image dialog box will appear. Click OK button.

*Important: To change the Design Image for all other pages - repeat the above steps but this time, you select another page from the left tree menu (not the homepage) i.e. Page 1 or Page 2.

11. Click Save.

12. Preview your shop in External browser.

For newer templates, you will notice that the homepage site header image is bigger than the design image in other pages (Page 1 or Page 2).

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