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 2-0001-EN-Why Upgrade from V4/5/6/7/8/9?
 ShopFactory V10 is a totally new eCommerce solution based on today’s eCommerce requirements, with changes to the user interface and the "behind the scenes" functionality.
 2-0002-EN-Download ShopFactory Again
 To download the latest ShopFactory release, please refer to the step
 2-0003-EN-Download the FREE 30 Day Trial
 To download the demonstration version of ShopFactory please go to: http://www.shopfactory.com/contents/en-us/
 2-0004-EN-Remove ShopFactory Logo in my shop
 - Close ShopFactory - Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the ShopFactory installation folder, by default, it should be at
 2-0005-EN-How do I turn over the existing ShopFactory Total Care account to my client or to the business owner?
 2-0006-EN-Which ShopFactory's latest version should a Developer upgrade to?
 Whether you upgrade to V10 Professional or Gold will depend on what type of website maintenance you offer your customers.   ShopFactory V10 now offers you the flex
 2-0007-EN-Why is my VISA / MasterCard credit card statement showing a slightly higher value than the advised price for my recent Total Care invoice?
 Your credit card was charged the correct amount and our realtime payment processor - DirectOne has processed the correct amount as per the order confirmation for your ShopFactory order.
 2-0008-EN-Why is there a monthly fee for “Total Care ONLY” service using a purchased ShopFactory license?
 Firstly, we would like to highlight the fact that ShopFactory has a fair and reasonable pricing model based on a “pay for what is needed and used” basis instead of only o
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