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 6-0017-EN-How can I add a Table to my Home Page with Background Images in it?

To set this up please follow the steps below.

1. Open your shop using the ShopFactory editor.

2. Navigate on the tree menu so that the home page is displayed in the preview pane on the right of the screen.

3. Double click on the home page to open the page properties wizard in the Introduction or Description field add some text e.g. this weeks specials. N.B. if you already have details in these fields please ensure that you add this text where you want the pictures to be shown.



4. Close the page properties wizard by clicking the Ok Button

5. In the page preview Click near the text entered in step 3. You will see the cursor displayed next to the text.

6. At the bottom of the preview pane you will see that the insert table icon is active. This is a the bottom of the screen under the font options and has a picture that looks similar to a calendar on it.



7. Click Insert Table


8.Click on the insert table option and add a table to the page that will suit your needs. You can enter your desired number of rows and columns. Set alignment, border colors, border size, cell padding, cell spacing and float.



9. To add images click on the Open Image icon (to select an image), as per below


10. Select the Image in the image selector and Click ok to add it.



11. Choose Rows, columns etc an any other settings you want.

Click Ok This will add an image to all the cells and add the table to your page. (this is your background image). 

12. If you are not happy with this or want to edit it you can do so by editing the table.

13. Double click on the Home Page in the Left Tree to open up the Page Properties Dialog.



13 If you click on the button as above you can edit the HTML code to change the appearance of the table, You can add link images, or resize the table and so on.

For example I changed the Cell spacing so now it looks like this.




14. If you want to make changes to the individual cells you can click on the Cell Properties menu - So you can add images and so on.



15. So you can add an image to the individual cell. You will need to change the properties to get the desired results.




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