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 4-0005-EN-Advanced WorldPay setup in ShopFactory

First make sure to setup WorldPay in your shop properly.

For ShopFactory V6, V7 and V8 Fixed versions, please refer to this FAQ:

How do I setup my Shop to integrate with WorldPay? Only applicable for V6, V7 and V8 Pro/Gold



For ShopFactory V9/V10/V11/V12 users, open up shop in ShopFactory and do the following:

Setup WorldPay in your shop properly.

- Click on Central dropdown menu -> Payment Methods Accepted


- Ensure that the "Country" dropdown menu has "Show All" selected.



- Scroll down to the " WorldPay "  entry and check the box next to it



 - Click Next

- Enter your WorldPay Installation ID (Not username if this is what is asked for) and setup currencies



- Click next

- You can sort the order of display for all payment methods enabled by clicking the up/down arrow button. Then click on Finish button to save the settings

- Click Finish

-  Save and preview your shop. 

-  Place a test order to ensure that you can complete checkout.

-  Publish your shop so that the changes are uploaded online.

You should now try a test transaction to see what your customer will see. 

What should happen is that the Shop will redirect to a secure server where the customers details will be entered. Once these are entered the customer will be redirected to WorldPay who will accept the Credit Card Details. 



To setup the Shop to finish at the Thank you Page.

This requires some additional work on the side of the Merchant (you).

Create 2 files.

1) The first file is for when the transaction issuccessful.

Create the file as follows: 

FILE NAME: resultY.html



Where, URL is the URL of your shop.

So you need to change it and put in where your shop is.

2) The second file is for when the transaction is notsuccessful.

FILE NAME: resultC.html




The en-us is the language of your shop. Yours may be en-uk or de or it or nl or something else.

Have a look in the Runtime folder of your shop.

For example.

My sample shop URL is


My shop language is en-us

My URL above will be:





 How to create the two HTML file? 

      You can use some HTML editor or Notepad, open up Notepad >> create new file, write down in the new text file the code as written above, once done click on File menu >> Save as >> enter file name resultY.html for Thank you page and resultC.html for Unsucessful page. 

Next -> Login to your WorldPay account and go to the File Management and upload these twofiles – giving them the same names: resultY.html and resultC.html

Next -> go to the configuration options of your account and setup the Call back information as follows:

Callback URL


 Callback enabled (ticked) 


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