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 11-0005-EN-How do I import my Email Orders into Sales Manager

Sales Manager allows you to import your orders from your MAPI-compliant Email program such as Outlook 2003. This option is only available if you DO NOT have a paid Total Care/GlobeCharge account, otherwise refer to our Knowledgebase article:

Import Total Care/GlobeCharge Orders into Sales Manager

for instructions.

NOTE: The Order Notification emails must be in the Inbox of your MAPI-compliant email program. 

More importantly,  Check that the Email (for Orders) email you use to accept orders is the default email address in your Email program, i.e.Outloook 2003. And then ensure your "default" or primary email address in Outlook program is what you have used in the email (for Orders ) in your shop's Contact Details.

For example, I have set up "info@myshop.com" as the default email in  Outlook and the Email (for Orders ) is "sales@myshop.com" - then I need to set "sales@myshop.com" to be the default email in Outlook so that  the Orders can be imported into Sales Manager.


1. Open Up Sales Manager

2. If you are not already in the Orders view, click the Orders image in the bar on the left hand side.

3. Then click on the Get Orders button and choose ...from your Email program

You should see a dialog popup indicating the progress of the import.

When you are importing orders for a shop that does not exist in SalesManager, a dialog will appear.

SalesManager will only import orders from the Inbox of your email software.

If you have created a new shop, choose the first option. SalesManager will create the new shop for you and import the orders into the new shop.

Another reason why a shop does not exist in SalesManager could be in fact that you have not created a new shop but just renamed an existing one. If this is the case, choose the second option and select the old name of the shop you have renamed from the drop down box.

SalesManager will update the shop data and import the orders into this shop.

On completion of the import, a message box will display how many orders were imported.

4. Click OK, then you are ready to view your orders.

Note: By default SalesManager will check all messages in your Inbox to see if they contain new orders – even messages that have already been read by you. If you have too many Order emails and other email messages in your Inbox this affects performance. You can speed up SalesManager by setting SalesManager to only check unread emails in your Inbox. Simply click on the Edit menu, then click on Options and  click the /Orders/ tab to activate it -> tick " Import Only Unread order emails" -> click OK. You need to go back to your email program and mark all the "order notification emails" you want to download into SalesManager as "Unread".

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