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 11-0008-EN-Why am I not receiving order notifications when someone purchases something in my shop?

There are several reasons why you may not receive order emails in your inbox.

Please check the following:

A.Incorrect Email Address

1. In ShopFactory, click on Central in the top toolbar.

2. In the drop-down menu, select Contact Details

3. Click NEXT and confirm that you have entered the correct address into the field labelled Email (for orders)

For test purposes you may want to use a different address from a different email provider to see if this makes a difference, i.e. you can try a free email provider such as Hotmail, Yahoo, GMX etc. The email may be blocked as spam.

Multiple email addresses can be entered separated by a comma in the Email (for orders) field

B. Spam Filter

You may have spam filtering on your email account which is blocking your order emails. Please check your spam inbox for these messages. If you do not believe you have spam filtering on your mailbox, please check with your mail provider or ISP as they may have set this up without your knowledge.

Contact your Mail Provider and advise them to make sure that all emails from (app01.3d3.com) and (app02.3d3.com) MUST NOT be blocked and are added to their white list.

This is particularly common when you change web hosting services, as each service provides different features - while your old service may
have allowed these mails through, the new service is possibly employing a different method of spam filtering and hence blocking mail you have previously been receiving ok.

While we constantly monitor spam prevention systems, it is impossible to always guarantee the delivery of emails, as spam prevention systems constantly evolve and get updated.

To prevent losing orders you have multiple options:
1 - you can try to reduce the risk of losing orders by adding a 2nd separate service provider email address, such as Gmail or outlook.com. Also always make sure your order notification emails are white-listed. This can help reduce the risk somewhat, especially if both providers use different email verification and spam protection methods.

IMPORTANT: If you have a ShopFactory Total Care or GlobeCharge account (username and password) - please ensure you login to your account and add the same "Email (for Orders)". To do this, simply login to GlobeCharge or if you have ShopFactory account, open your shop in ShopFactory -> click on MY ORDERS button -> you will be redirected to the SF Cloud interface -> click onMy Store, https://app.santu.com/buynow/store. Scroll down the page and locate the "Email (for Orders)" field -> add multiple email addresses separated by COMMA , (not semi-colon) -> click Save.

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