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 13-0002-EN-Bulk upload Marketing Vouchers into my ShopFactory Total Care account

I have a promotion running on another site that generates several marketing voucher codes; is there a way for me to import these voucher codes generated externally - into my Total Care: Voucher service?


1. Open your shop in ShopFactory

2. Click on My Orders button to connect to the Total Care interface

3. Click Services -> Vouchers

4. Click on “Import marketing vouchers

5. Download the sample CSV file to ensure you are using the correct format and it has to be in CSV format – click on “Download sample” – save the sample csv file

6. Open the sample csv file and add all your marketing vouchers into the appropriate field


IMPORTANTThe field headers should be kept intact. You can replace the 2 sample rows with your own. In the screenshot below, the header highlighted must not be changed. This is a unique identifier to tell the Total Care interface what information goes where correctly.


7. Edit the voucher codes and add as many rows/voucher codes as you like provided you put in the correct

a. discount type

b. discount

c. Expiry

d. Minimum spend and

e. The voucher code itself


IMPORTANT: Save the file as CSV format. ShopFactory Total Care only supports CSV.


8. Go back to Total Care interface -> Services -> Vouchers -> Import Marketing vouchers -> upload the CSV file you have edited. The new voucher codes should now be added in your marketing vouchers list.


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