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 7-0002-EN-How do I set up VAT in the European Union (EU)?
From ShopFactory 7.23 onwards (V8, V9, etc.), setting up VAT  for  countries belonging to the European Union has become very easy.

Simply assign the VAT rates which apply in your country to the European Union – and ShopFactory will do the rest.   See Example

It will even ensure that customers in countries other than your own can request a VAT exemption by entering their Tax exemption number.

Your shop will even verify the exemption number to ensure that it is a valid number.

The rules in the EU are, than any customer purchasing products from you has to pay the VAT rates which apply in your country.

Only business owners who are in another EU country can request a VAT exemption. However they must be registered in their country.

You are legally required to ensure, that the customer of yours is really registered and really does have the right to request a tax exemption.

You may therefore not want to offer the tax exemption option provided in ShopFactory.

However by verifying the validity of the number for you, ShopFactory does half the work for you.
You can verify if a specific number belongs to the business purchasing from you on the website:

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