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 11-0001-EN-"Ignore Incomplete orders" function in ShopFactory Total Care
 NOTE: To use this option, a merchant must have a paid Total Care or paid GlobeCharge account where your orders are securely stored on our server.
 11-0002-EN-How do I add a notice to the Order confirmation email sent to my customer?
 You are able to add some texts or more information to the order confirmation email that customers receive once an order is completed. You could use this to advise of delivery times or to than
 11-0003-EN-How do I download my GlobeCharge online orders into SalesManager starting from a certain Order Number? EN
 To do this you will need to edit the Last Order Number field in the Registry for SalesManager V10: Click on the Start button and select the "Run" command. (Windows XP
 11-0004-EN-Error when importing into Sales Manager - name of shop cannot be found. How do I add a Shop Name?
 The shop name can be defined by doing the following:   
 11-0005-EN-How do I import my Email Orders into Sales Manager
  Sales Manager allows you to import your orders from your MAPI-compliant Email program such as Outlook 2003. This option is
 11-0006-EN-I am using Windows Mail/Windows Live and I can’t import my order emails into Sales Manager?
 To be able to import emails into SalesManager, you need to use a FULL MAPI-compliant mail program. Please note that Windows Mail and Windows Live are just a simple MAPI-compliant.
 11-0007-EN-Customer Details: Add or edit fields in the billing and shipping forms for the Secure Checkout page
 When you require extra information from a buyer, you can add new field or rename and edit default fields that your customers enter in the Secure Checkout Order form.
 11-0008-EN-Why am I not receiving order notifications when someone purchases something in my shop?
  There are several reasons why you may not receive order emails in your inbox. Plea
 11-0009-EN-How do I use PGP Encryption with ShopFactory?
  IMPORTANT: This is only applicable for merchants using V6, V7, V8, V9, V10 Pro/Gol
 11-0010-EN-How do I properly install PGP add-on to my ShopFactory installation folder? Only applicable for V6,V7 and V8 Pro/Gold
 There are two main reasons why the PGP Add on may not be working correctly with the version of ShopFactory you are using.
 11-0011-EN-I need to allow customers to order less than $1.00
 1. Open Up ShopFactory  
 11-0012-EN-Where is my Sales Manager Database so I can make a backup of my orders?
  The Sales manager database is located in the ShopFactory Installation directory. If you installed ShopFactory in C:\Program Files\ then you wi
 11-0013-EN-How do I import my GlobeCharge orders into Sales Manager?
 Example is for Sales Manager Pro (other versions may differ)  
 11-0014-EN-I want to receive Order Notification emails in multiple Email addresses
 You can enter mutliple Email addresses in the Email (for Orders) field within ShopFactory and your Total Care Account Settings. 
 11-0015-EN-How do I Export my Orders into a CSV file?
  Sales Manager allows you to export your orders into a CSV format which you can then use to import into your accounting Package.
 11-0016-EN-My customers are not receiving their Confirmation Emails? What is wrong since we are getting the Notification Email?
  If you are getting the Notification Emails but your customers are not getting their Confirmation Emails the most likely reason is that you have removed the pre-defined "email address" field
 11-0017-EN-I have a GlobeCharge or ShopFactory 8 Total Care account: My orders are securely stored on the GlobeCharge server so I do NOT need the attachments in the Order Notification emails I receive
  My orders are securely stored on the GlobeCharge server so I do NOT need the attachments i
 11-0018-EN-My Email Client is not MAPI-compliant - I cannot decrypt the payment details in SalesManager. How do I use an open source encrypt/decrypt application?
 11-0019-EN-SalesManager: I want to download Orders from GlobeCharge starting at a specific Order Number.
  Please do the following:
 11-0020-EN-Shop Orders: Updating Settings for Print Invoice function
 The merchant details displayed on the invoices are taken from the "Account Settings" in your Total Care account.
 11-0021-EN-Santu Express Checkout and Order Tracking service
 Santu Express Checkout feature is is now available as announced in our newsletter. This facili
 11-0022-EN-How can I view shop orders older than 3 months in my Total Care account?
 We only display orders in the last 3 months by default. However, you can use the SEARCH function and change the DATE
 11-0023-EN-How do I check and manage my orders in ShopFactory Cloud?
 ShopFactory Cloud services include Online Order Management feature where your orders are securely stored on the cloud server. You can manage your orders via a secure interface - view order details, update order status (p
 11-0024-EN-How do I show my customers the total weight of their order, i.e. I charge shipping by weight
 I want my customers to see the total weight of an order: - Open your shop in ShopFactory
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