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Created On: 08 Feb 2012 12:00 AM


Please do the following:

- Click on the Start button and select the" Run " command.

- In the run command line type " regedit" and click on OK.

- In the registry editor click on the" HKEY_CURRENT_USER" entryand select the "Software" folder.

- In the software folder, please double-clickthe "" folder

- Double click " SalesManager" folder to open it

- Double click " 9.00" folder

- Double click " Globecharge"

- Select your Total Care or GlobeCharge username

- At the right column, locate the " LastOrder"field and double click on it

- The popup will appear -> select" Decimal" as Base and enter the ---

Order Number at the "Value data:" that you want SalesManager to consider as the Last Order number.  The next order number to that will be downloaded by SalesManager. 


- Click Ok 

- Close registry

- Try downloading orders using SalesManager from your GlobeCharge account