10-0003-EN-Product Discounts: How do I set up a free product?

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Created On: 02 May 2007 12:00 AM

I have product that I want to give away when my customer buys X amount of products as a bonus. How do I set that up?
This can be done in the discount settings for a specific product - to setup a product give away, do the following:
1. In ShopFactory, at the left hand side tree menu, navigate on the page that contains the product that you would like to add a free product to.
2. Select the product and then click on the "Edit Product" button.  From the left menu, choose Discounts

3. This will open the Product discounts dialog.

4. Enter a special discount message if required and select ‘Buy this quantity and get free product(s)’ from the drop-down list just under ‘Select one of the following methods’.
5. In Buy this quantity enter the quantity the customer must purchase in order to receive the free product.
6.  Click on the ‘+’ sign next to the ‘get free product(s)’ field. This will open a free products dialog.

7. In the tree menu, click on the page that the free product is contained in.
8. Use the ‘>>’ button to add the products on the right and click on ‘OK’ to go back to Discount dialog. You will now see the free product next to get free product, example below

9. Click on ‘OK’ again to go back to the ShopFactory editor and to apply the settings.
10. That completes the setup for that product
11. Repeat this process if you have any other products to setup.