6-0027-EN-How do I change the Colors on the Signup Form for Customer Membership

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Created On: 01 Jul 2008 12:00 AM


This FAQ applies to ShopFactory V7.
In newer versions of ShopFactory the sign-up page automatically inherits the color of the pages of the template you are using. 


How do I change the Background Color of the Signup Form?

1. In the ShopFactory Editor in the Left hand tree click on the Home Page

2. Click on Customize Design

3. Click on the Advanced Button

4. See the Image below:-

a) Select GC41 from the Drop Downdown List under "Mapping" this field changes the color of the Signup Form background - note this is also the "body color" of your shop so will affect that also.

b) Click in the box next to Background to change the background color and choose a color from the List next to this field - as pictured below.

c) If you want to change the text color then you click the box next to Text and choose a color from the list next to this field as pictured below.

e) Click on Ok button

You must have a GlobeCharge account with Customer Membership activated for this functionality to appear.