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 7-0020-EN-How do I use Canada Post to calculate my Shipping?

Please note: You must contact Canada Post to set-up an online merchant access Business Account - they will direct you to do this online yourself through their website - it only takes a few minutes. 

Then you must request an API "USERNAME" for the "Web / Online Rate Calculation API"

This API username is NOT the same as your Canada Post "Account ID" nor the "Web Login ID" you may have set-up already. Canada Post must set-up your API access for your account directly/manually on their end - then provide you with the API Username. 

The API username may be similar to: "cpc_XXXXXX" or other User ID that you then use in ShopFactory for setting up real time rate calculations.

Once you have obtained your credentials from Canada Post, please follow the steps below:

1. Open your shop in ShopFactory

2. Click Central dropdown (Properties) -> Contact Details

3. You must select "Canada" as your Country

4. Select your State/Province and enter all required information

5. Click Next -> Finish

6. Setup "Canada Post" using "Combine multiple shippping providers" option

- Open shop in ShopFactory

- Click on the "Central" dropdown button (Properties) -> Select Shipping Charges
- Select "Use a Provider"
- Click "Next" button
- Select "Combine Multiple Shipping Providers" - Note: you can still use this option even if you are only using one realtime shipping provider


- If you are setting up for the first time, you may need to enter your ShopFactory username and password -> then click "Next"


- Ensure you have entered the required fields accordingly i.e. select the correct weight unit, merchant Post Code/Zipcode is filled-in, merchant address if it is needed, etc.


-  To enable "Canada Post" shipping, enter your User ID - it usually starts with "cpc_xxxxxxxx" and then setup the countries that you wish to ship to:

-  Click "Save Settings" button

-  Preview your shop in External browser. Place a test order to check how shipping rates are calculated at checkout

IMPORTANT: Publish your shop again so that the changes are uploaded online.


      Merchant does not need to select shipping methods and handling cost in ShopFactory settings wizard. It must be done in your Canada Post account by going to http://sellonline.canadapost.ca/

      Please take time to read "IMPLEMENTATION GUIDE" documentation.

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