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 6-0002-EN-How do I select a different Product/Paragraph Style in my shop?

You can actually change the default Product Style that comes with the website theme you selected in your shop. You can change a different product/paragraph design by page or you can have the same style for all pages. Please refer to the steps provided below:

  1. Open your shop in ShopFactory
  2. At the left tree menu, (in Normal mode) right-click on the page that you want to change the Product style
  3. And then click on “Select a product/paragraph design…” option


Alternatively, the Product Style option can be found when you open the Page Properties dialog by double-clicking on the page.

- Double-click on the page that you want to change Product style  

- At the left menu items, select "Select a product/paragraph design…” option


- And then  select the product style and variation you want from the list of product styles.

- Click OK.

- Save and preview your shop to see the style changes.

NOTE: If you want to use the same product style for all pages in Index 1 or Index, you can do this in one go by right-clicking on INDEX1 or INDEX2 on the left tree menu ->  "Select a product/paragraph design…” option


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