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 5-0002-EN-SEO-friendly Detailed Page styles

ShopFactory 11 includes some new and advanced "Detailed View Product Styles". Not only are these product styles updated with new layouts and search engine optimization changes, some include hidden features you may not have known about.
As an example, Product Style SFX-SGK has a "Sticky Cart" feature. No matter how far down your visitor scrolls - the add to cart button & product options scrolls down along with them so it’s always visible and accessible.

You will need to use a newer product style such as SFX-BASE, SFX-BASN, SFX-BASW, SFX-SGK, etc. and ensure your products have at least "description" in it. You can also add a longer description.

Once you have added your products, you will notice the "More details..." link.

- Clicking on the More details... link opens the Detailed product page. Alternatively, you can select the product and then click the "Detailed view" icon on the toolbar (upper right)

- Click on the "Edit Product" icon and choose "Detailed view style..." menu

- Select any of the styles that start with 11- as shown below.

- Click OK.

- Save and preview your shop in External browser.

Note: Follow the basics on SEO and use well structured text content per our ShopFactory Forum details i.e. bump up text content – as well as use the tools in ShopFactory properly now, for example, h1 for Page Titles, h2, etc. that we have already implemented in current ShopFactory release.
H tags are automatically inserted in ShopFactory. You must use the latest ShopFactory V10 so that the H tags are properly inserted as intended, i.e.:
Website title and page title = h1
Introduction = h2
Product / paragraph title / name = h3

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