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 6-0007-EN-How do I insert a background picture?

1. Open your shop in ShopFactory. By default, the SFwindow view is in Normal mode. (Normal tab active from the View toolbar at the lower part of the screen).

2. Click the "Customize Design" tab on the View toolbar.

3. Left-click in the Customize design area of your shop (background area). A shortcut menu will appear => Content

4. Choose "Add image..." from the Content menu.



5. Design Image dialog box will appear. Click on the Open button. (The left most button on the lower part of the box. If you do not know which, simply point on the button and a tooltip -name of the button- will appear.)


6. The "Select File" window will appear. Locate where your image/picture is stored and click to select it.

7. Click OK.