14-0003-EN-Backup: How to back up a shop project and copy shop to another computer

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One of the distinctions of ShopFactory is that your shop project is stored on your computer.
Keeping a backup of your important business files and data is essential for several important reasons. Virtually all computer and technology experts will tell you that any backup is better than none at all.
A data backup is the result of copying or archiving files and folders for the purpose of being able to restore them in case of data loss caused by many things ranging from computer viruses to hardware failures to file corruption to fire, natural calamities, theft, etc.

A. To backup your project, you need to open File Explorer or My Documents folder and then navigate to: 

(depending on the ShopFactory version you are using, it could be V8, V9, V10, V11, V12 - in the example below, it refers to the latest v12)

My Documents\ShopFactory V12 Websites

(or a specific directory if you have chosen to save your shop projects in a different directory)

- Close your ShopFactory program if it's currently running

- Then open File Explorer -> locate the folder where your shop project files are stored.


My Documents\ShopFactory V12 Websites\My-OnlineShop

- Select the latest shop project folder and then right-click on it -> Send To -> compressed (zipped) Folder

Compress/ZIP the shop folder prior to creating the backup as it will compress all files and reduce the size.

- Once it has completed zipping up the entire folder, you will see a zip file on the same directory.

- Copy that zip file to your external hard drive or your portable drive

It is highly recommended you back up your shop and keep a copy on another storage device or another computer, in case the unfortunate happens (as illustrated with the numerous threats described above) and your computer crashes and data becomes unrecoverable.

Note:  Your online shop is NOT a backup of your shop, it only contains "Runtime" files


B. You can also save your shop as a new project and transfer the file into another computer:

- Open your shop in ShopFactory

- Click File menu -> Save AS… -> enter shop-name_< yyyy-mm-dd> i.e. myshop_2018-12-21

- Click Save button.

- Close ShopFactory.

- Click Start -> My Documents -> ShopFactory V12 Websites

- Locate the newly saved shop project and then right-click on it -> Send To -> compressed (zipped) Folder

- Once it has completed zipping up the entire folder, you will see a zip file on the same directory.

- Copy that zip file to your external hard drive or your portable drive - the file is now ready to be transferred to another computer


Copying shop file to your other computer: 

Assumption: You have already installed the latest build of ShopFactory on another machine, i.e. home computer

If ShopFactory is not installed on this new machine yet, simply download and install ShopFactory again from our website: http://www.shopfactory.com/contents/en-us/d18.html

- Plug the external drive or thumb drive

- Copy the zip file to the same directory

- Open Windows Explorer and locate the folder where you want the shop project to be stored, by default, it should be saved in:

My Documents\ShopFactory V12 Websites

- Right click within the content window and select PASTE

- The zip file will be copied. -> right-click on the file and select “EXTRACT HERE…

- The shop project will be extracted. Double-click onthe shop folder to open it

- Double click on the .sfc file to open the shop project in ShopFactory (Or you can run ShopFactory software and browse... and navigate to the path where your shop is saved and then select the shop project to open.